Tips for Newbies

Use Our Instruction Booklets…

With each of our products we offer a free instructions booklet with a full-body exercise program. Simply follow the instructions and exercise will soon feel like second nature!

Set Goals and Create Structure…

Make a simple workout plan: How often in the week do you want to work out and for how long? Which exercises will you do? By making a clear plan you make it easier for yourself to get into a steady fitness routine. Soon you will see AND feel the results!

Don’t Start Training Like a Maniac…!

Most people who quit training shortly after they started set their goals too high at the beginning. Or they didn’t have a plan at all and simply started working out like a mad person. Apart from the fact that this easily leads to injury, this approach is bound to destroy motivation: your new routine is simply too hard to live up to and so you drop it altogether. By building up more slowly you can prevent moving from one extreme—working out like a lunatic—to the other extreme: not working out at all. Make no mistake: setting high goals for yourself is a good thing, but set them in the future and work steadily towards them.


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