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These are really great quality and definitely live up to everything advertised in their description. They are a good value because the price is low and you get 5 good quality bands, as well as a pouch and exercises. The exercise sheets are broken up into upper body and lower body movements. As someone who does a lot of working out, the exercises are definitely worthwhile!

Kate B.

from Buffalo

These bands are great for working out! It comes with five bands and it allows you to choose the resistance that you want to use that way you can make gains. The bands are light, medium, heavy, x heavy, and xx heavy. The strongest one provides a lot of resistance and the light one is easy, so no matter where you are at on your strength level or different muscle groups you will always have one that will work for you.

Aaron W.

I am a busy mom and work from home so sometimes it’s hard to get my own workouts in and I love being able to get a quick 10-15 minute workout done between things going on in our day. These bands are easily portable and require very little room, yet they also provide a great workout. I was able to do a full-body workout in 15 minutes! Cardio is usually easy on vacation, strength work is a little tougher but with these bands it’s a cinch!


from Louisiana

These bands are great because they vary in resistance levels and they are very small and good for workouts on the go! The bands come with a small mesh bag and they take up almost no room and stay organized in the bag. The different resistance levels allow for a great variety or workouts to be preformed and the workouts that you can do with these bands are endless. I recommend these bands to anyone who is into fitness and working out!


from Wisconsin

I am so impressed with how durable, thick and sturdy the Panathletic Fitness Loop Bands are. The xx-heavy black one is amazingly strong. Someday I hope to get to that level. These are great for strengthening and toning your legs and hips! I have already noticed it in my glutes and they are helping to make my knees stronger, whereas I was previously having some discomfort in that area while working out. I highly recommend Panathletic Fitness Loop Bands, they are awesome.


from Buffalo


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